Got The Site Back!!!

August 6, 2011


We have been hacked… but I got an email from the hackers bribing me to get the site back.

The deal was this –

I’d give them two membership codes and a toy code.

So they gave me my account back, and I will import the backup later that  I made last month.




July 25, 2011

Okay, listen.  I am terribly sorry I haven’t greeted myself since I came to this blog. I actually never posted. But, I got a exclusive picture from Ozzy Haze’s site that I saved, its for his CPPS. I am not really sure WHAT is this from but it is a picture from his site of the plazza? hmmm? Oh well. I think we’re making a NEW CPPS called WE Play. I don’t know if the first picture is for We Play or WHAT?!?! The second picture is of our “temporary logo”:











Club Penguin Teams Up With Canuck Place!

July 22, 2011

Hello penguins,
Recently some of the Club Penguin team, including Lane Meriifield A.K.A. Billybob, Travled to Canuck Place and gave toys, movies and games (Even Un-released games!) to children with life-threatening diseases.

I think this was a wonderful thing Club Penguin did!
It’s nice to see Club Penguin doing amazing things for children!
Also they do the Coins for Change around Christmas!
So on top of this they give money to charities!
What do you think about Club Penguin doing this?
Comment it below!

Rockhopper Tracker! Adventure Party 2011!

July 22, 2011

Hello penguins,

I know some of you Club Penguin players out there are searching for a certain pirate. Am I right?

Well here’s a Rockhopper Tracker!

If you want a typed one here’s another:

Status: Online!

Server: Tracking

Room: Tracking

Last seen:

Let me know if these helped you!

New Club Penguin Stamp! The Music Maestro Stamp!

July 22, 2011

Hello everyone,

Club Penguin released a new stamp called Music Maestro.

To recieve this stamp you must Solve a musical puzzle at a party!

The way you get this stamp is by going to the Forest then the to Tree Tops.

Then match the birds song on the drums!

Hope this helped!

Rockhopper's Rare Items Catalog!

July 22, 2011

Hello penguins,

Along with the adventure party, Rockhopper rought back his yearly Rockhopper’s Rare Items Catalog!

This catalog has a handful of items.

Among them are:

Puffle Bandana (Non-members) (Free)

Scallywag Rags (Members only) (325 Coins)

The Rascal (Members only) (300 Coins)

Tropical Palm (Members only) (300 Coins) (Furniture Item)

Wall map (Members only) (250 Coins) (Furniture Item)

Castaway Face Paint (Members Only) (50 Coins)

And the hidden Ship In a Bottle (Members only) (355 Coins)

What do you think of these items?

Which is your favorite?

My favorite item is the Puffle Bandana!

Club Penguin Adventure Party Login Screen!

July 22, 2011

Hello penguins,

Today Club Penguin released a new login screen for the Adventure Party 2011!

And it says: Search for the missing Cream Soda! July 22-31

I really like the look of this login screen!

What do you think of it?

Drop us a comment and let us know!