>Music Jam Catalogs!

>Hey there penguins,
Along with the Music Jam party Club Penguin released 3 exclusive catalogs!
One at the Ski Village.
One at the Iceberg.
And another Backstage!
Here’s the Ski Villafe Catalog:

Here you can purchase the all important Backstage Pass!
Along with many other exclusive items.
Like the Orange Boa!
Here’s the Iceberg Catalog:

Here you can again purchase the 2011 Backstage Pass!
Among other things like the Red High Tops and that one t-shirt… Prehaps you remember it?
From the new CP login Screen?
Yep, you can buy the new Music Jam T-shirt called: Franky Tee!
Now for the Backstage Catalog!

Here  you can buy many diffrent Instruments!
Like the Conga Drums, Orange Double Necked Guitar, Oil Slick Guitar and the Blue Accordian!
What do you think of the Music Jam Catalogs this year?
I think there great.
I personally love the Oil Slick Guitar!
Whats your favorite item from Music Jam?


Drop us a comment!

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