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Cart surfer

Did you know the black puffle loves to play cart surfer? The black puffle does it to practice skate boarding skills! These furry creatures love to do tricks with you, and will help you earn stamps along the way! The highest amout possible to get on cart surfer is 1000 coins with the double coin bonus. Have you ever gotten that much coins? I have never at all. There are many tricks to cart surfer, one tip for you is: Always do the moves up, up, and down, spacebar for the maximum amout of coins and always crash on turns to get more coins. Just don’t loose all your lives.

Jat pack adventure

Jet pack adventure is a game located at the beacon and you can bring your green puffles along with you! The green puffles don’t fly in a straight line so don’t expect them to always get what you want them to. Jat pack adventure has been around for many years on the island, it first started around 2008! Even though the game is old, it has some secrets, if you fly the whole game without getting a single coin, at the end you get a 1000 coin bonus and an extreme stamp! I have never gotten it before, have you?

Bean counters

This game has been in the coffee shop for 4 years and has just gotten a new design and new levels. The new levels are Hard, Expert, and Extreme. To get the new secret levels and playing style, on the main page click on the left-hand corner of the upper bag and you will see jelly beans fall out! The new levels are all the same thing, jallybeans! You have to match the color of the bags as the color on the chart in the background near the platform. I enjoy the new levels and hope cp does this to all the games!

Puffle round up

Puffle round up is one of the oldest games on the island and is constantly updating. Why you might ask, because of new puffles of course! The first 8 puffles can be found on any level, but the orange you have to get to level 5 without loosing a puffle to find it. This might have changed because the brown puffle has just been introduced to the island. I love these furry creatures as much as anybody, so why not make some coins by capturing some to buy some more!

Puffle rescue

 Launched in May 2010 this game is all about rescuing puffles, from what, only electric squids, bats, and water. The blue puffle level has a secret to getting a coin bag, on level 7 step on every crack and the last one you step on will get you the coin bag, on level 8 just hit the balloon to the key hole, and on level 9, on your way back light all 3 lanterns. The pink puffle levels are easy to get coin bags, just try to figure out the secret path where the arrow is, but be careful, there is some trick arrows. To get coin bags on the black puffle level is tricky, on level 7 you must get on the fan, hover to the right, and see if it is there, if it isn’t, repeat this over and over again. On level 8 you have to follow the arrow bubbles that start in the upper left on the maze. And on level 9 you must not get any puffles, then get on the arrow bubble at the top and just keep holding in the up arrow until you reach the giant bubble, just keep bouncing on it until the coin bag comes.

Hydro hopper

This is the oldest game on the island which was released in 2005! It had a different name before, but the cp team changed it to Hydro hopper in 2007. There are really no secrets except that the levels go on until 16 and then you finish, the other thing to know is to always grab the extra lives even if you don’t need it. This game is a great way to earn some coins!

Dance contest

Candence’s favorite game for sure! If you choose single player, on the difficulty menu click on her beak for expert. There are no other cheats for this game except, if you but the upgrades you can earn more coins. What is the most amout of points you got? I once got 35000 points, but i can’t do that anymore, i stopped playing in the dance contest. You can bring along your purple puffles for more points!

Astro barrier

This game was based off of one of the stage plays, but i forget which one. This game has a mage cheat at the beginning, on the main screen don’t click play, hit 1, 2, or 3 on your key pad and you will go to level 10, level 20, or level 30 depending on which one you choose. There are secret levels, when it is on the screen before something new gets introduced, wait 20 seconds to see if a blue ship appears, if you shoot it you will go to the secret levels. If you click the other one near the end, you will go to the expert levels.

Thin ice

This gameis very simple, navigate your black puffle through the maze! If you go on every space on every level in order you will receive 2 stamps! If you enter the secret zone on level 19, you will get 3 stamps if you also get all the spaces in the correct order. The secret space on level 19 is the circle in the upper right hand corner, just go in an manuever yourself through it to the end space to reveal all the hidden spaces. No puffles can be brought along to this game.


A lot of penguins play this game off the internet, on clubpenguin it can take anywhere from 50 seconds to 5 minutes! This game is very simple, click on a space of marbles and try to get the most in your space at your right side. Simple, isn’t it? I can play this game all day because i never get bored, there is always new compeditors to compete against.

Sled race

At the ski hill, you think there would be skiing, well there isn’t, in fact there is sledding. If you play the 2 player version, you get 10 coins for second place, and 20 coins for first place. 3 players isn’t much different, except the penguin who gets in 3rd place wins 5 coins. 4 penguins is not the same, first place gets 20 coins, second place gets 15 coins, third place gets 10 coins, and fourth place gets 5 coins. This game is fun and can earn you coins faster than any other game!

Catching waves

At the cove there is in fact surfing, waddle on down to Catching waves! This single player game can be played by your red puffle too! In the update catolog there is a flame surfboard, a flowery one, and the secret silver surfboard if you click on the “A” in waves. So come and catch some waves!

Aqua grabber

There is 2 levels to this game, no secrets for this game except that you can bring your water loving pink puffle along with you to help give you oxygen in lower areas where you don’t get bubbles. He/She gives off small bubbles that helps somewhat, but every so often the puffle gives off a big bubble.

Card jitsu

This multiplayer game can drive you crazy, im addicted to it, its just like playing clubpenguin, it gets fun and always has new surprises! You can earn you black belt and challnge sensei for your ninja mask, if you win, you get access to the ninja hideout!

 Card jitsu-fire

Become a member and head to the ninja hideout for the card jitsu fire game!  Here you will get a booster deck to your collection, use your collection to earn the fire suit to do a special dance and wave. The Fire Sensei will teach you how to play and once you get your fire suit, challenge him and become a FIRE NINJA. This game was released in November 2009.

Card jitsu-water

After you have earned your ninja mask and are a member, head on over to the Water Dojo, here you will get a booster deck from the Water Sensei and he will teach you how to play. This multiplayer game gives you the water suit along the way, and if you beat the Water Sensei, your will become a WATER NINJA. This game was released on November 24, 2010.

Puffle launch

Play with your puffles and earn coins by collecting puffle ‘Os. Herbert’s crab (not Kltuzy) is in the game trying to make it harder for you, you can earn stamps by destroying the aqua grabber he stole. The more puffle ‘Os you grab, the closer you are to the next cannon. If you earn the regular cannon, you can place it in your igloo and play from your igloo. If you earn the epic cannon, you can place it in your igloo and play ‘puffle launch!’ except in TURBO mode. try to earn as many stamps that you can, before you have even more stamps that you have to try to earn.

Bits and Bolts

In this game all you need to do is match up the gears to make a group of the number that is shown. Members can go past level 5, but non-members can’t go past level 5. There is no stamps for this game so it is basically useless to sit there all day playing it. It is a fun game to play especially when you are bored.

(Credit to ECCP


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