Hiding Spots!

The clubpenguin island is full of surprises and spots to hide, if you and your buddy play hide and seek, use any of these spots.



town- stay in the large crowd in the center and sit

gift shop- bottom left, near map

forest- behind trees at bottom

Night club- behind the speaker

coffee shop- lower left corner in book room

Lighthouse- on the stairs in the upper left

Beacon- behind the light

EPF- behind book case in lower left

Everyday Phoning Facility- Lower left, lower right

Lodge- behind the chair in the lower right

Attic- lower left

Dojo courtyard- left

Ninja hideout- lower right

Fire dojo- behind rock wall at bottom

Recycling plant- lower left

Cave- behind the computer

Hidden lake- behind the aqua grabber

Underwater- lower right

Cove- lower left

Stage- lower left

Pizza parlor- lower right

Pet shop- lower left

Snow forts- lower left

Stadium- behind snack stand

That is all the good ones i know, if you know any more good ones, leave a comment!


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