How to be a Secret Agent (EPF)

Agents are very known on the island. Their used to be a secret agent group called the PSA, but they shut down in may 2010 due to a popcorn explosion involving mission 11. The sports shop was destroyed too, so they moved the catolog to the stadium. They were rebuiling the EPF facility (Everyday Phoning Facility) and their is where you take the test. Just open up the safe chat messages and ask someone for an epf postcard. Once you take the test, you do this:

  • hit the target (aim)
  • run from corner to corner (speed)
  • hide (hiding)
  • Staying out of the trap (skill)

If you past the test the EPF elevator will open up to you, inside is the EPF facility. Their you recieve your filed ops and you can play system defender.

Congrats on becoming a secret agent!



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