How to become a Ninja!

How do you become a ninja? Many penguins have asked me this question over the years, and this is my answer:

To become a ninja, first head over to the dojo where sensei will give you a starter deck and tell you your journey. Your journey is to collect all the card jitsu belts in order. 

 Once you recieve your black belt, Sensei will ask you to challenge him for your ninja mask. To challenge him, walk to the sensei’s resting place, then click challenge sensei. To beat sensei, it takes time, so be patient. You will never beat sensei on your first try. So keep trying. Once you recieve your ninja mask for beating sensei, go to the secret ninja hideout. There you can buy ninja only clothes if you a member, and you can play card jitsu fire and card jitsu water if your a member. Sensei visits the ninjahideout the most when he comes to the island, so if you see something strange going on in the ninja hideout, head in and check it out!


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